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The MP3s below were made from my work with sound in the ' 70s and early ' 80s. During that time my passion was using sound recordings and audio manipulation to create sound experiences designed to carry listeners along on unusual and unique audio trips... The pieces were recorded, edited (cut & splice), assembled, and mixed on analog recording and mixing equipment. The tape recorders used were a two track Nagra IV, a four track Crown and an eight track Otari.

The pieces marked with abstract are composed from recorded sound effects and some synthesized sounds. When marked abstract with story line the pieces are a blend of manipulated and synthesized sound along with a verbal story line. Pieces marked with story line are for the most part verbal with some manipulated and synthesized sound.

Realizing that I haven't worked with sound since 1984, comments are appreciated. They can be sent to me . Thanks for listening...

Philip H. Williams. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to download the pieces for personal use. Any commercial use is prohibited.

Dinkum Mandaic Suite
MP3 (9:11)

MP3 (8:11)

The Power Behind Bottled Water
MP3 (6:23)

A City Racoon
MP3 (6:50)

Bradley's Mother
MP3 (5:33)

Hot Summer Pigs
MP3 (4:54)

The Pit
MP3 (7:15)

The Illustrated Toe Job Story by Timothy Gerber
MP3 (7:14)

Audio empire on Wister Street, Philadelpha - circa, early 1980s

Studio on Spring Garden Street, Philadelpha - circa, 1970s

Interviewing some farmer dude on location

on location for a film, carrying Nagra IV with Sennheiser 815 shotgun mike

on location for a film with my audio cart with Nagra IV and two Vega wireless mikes

on location for a film with my audio cart with Nagra IV and two Vega wireless mikes

the pose, with Nagra IV and 2 Vega wireless mikes.
Very portable for chasing after political candidates, etc.

on location with daughter, Sarah - 1975. That's the actor, Michael Vale
in the background, before he was the
Dunkin Donuts man.