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In 1972, several years after I graduated from a degree program coordinated between the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art and the Graduate School of Fine Arts at the University of Pennsylvania, I stopped painting with traditional media and began exploring audio as a medium for creative expression. For many years I created audio pieces assembled on analog equipment supported by my day job as a freelance location sound engineer in the motion picture business. Working as a location sound engineer provided a worldwide arena in which to collect sound effects for an expanding audio library - my palette. Using the collected sound effects in combination with editing and synthesizers, I created a number of audio pieces. However, in the early 1980s, my library of sound began to grow beyond control. In an effort to get it back to a useful state, I started exploring the new desk top computer as a sound indexing and organizational tool. That was a mistake for my sound recording business, because the astounding power of computer programming totally absorbed my attention and thought. Within six months I sold all my sound equipment and emerged as a freelance computer programmer. Then in the early 1990s when the CPU speeds for desktop computers had considerably improved and graphics programs had evolved into useful creative tools, I came full circle and began painting again, not with traditional media, but with pixels. I began seeking commissions as an illustrator using the digital medium and in 2004 was able to get an agent, Deborah Wolfe, Ltd, interested enough in my work to add me to her group. In 2006, I began thinking about really going full circle by starting to use oil paints again. in November of 2006, I started working with oils again for my personal artwork.

On July 21, 2008 I retired from illustration work to devote full time to oil painting, using the name Hone Williams.